Circulating Tumor Cell Isolation

The Aquamarijn Microsieves are applied for isolation, identification and analysis of cells and single cells from biological fluid samples. Aquamarijn provides for this purpose microsieve chips to the Dutch company Vycap. This company is specialized in cell isolation, especially circulating tumor cells (CTC’s) and sells disposables with microsieve chips, a Cell Filtration system, a Cell Stainer and Cell Puncher.

The microsieves are used to filter circulating tumor cells of cancer patients. The chips are placed in the Cell Filtration system after which they can labeled with the Cell Stainer and imaged as well as isolated with the Cell Puncher. The Cell Puncher images and isolates (single!) CTC’s  into a container for standard DNA and RNA analysis.

In this collaboration Aquamarijn designs, improves and manufactures the filter and isolation chips. Aquamarijn is the R&D as well as manufacturing supply chain partner for the chips.

Vycap cell isolation method

Two movies demonstrate the products Vycap is offering.

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