All returns are treated according to article 10 Inspection & Complaints in the terms and conditions.

  1. Complaints on activities performed should be reported to user by the other party in writing within 8 days after discovery, yet within 14 days at the latest after completion of the relevant activities. The notice of default should contain as detailed a description of the shortcoming as possible, so that user can react adequately.
  2. If a complaint is justified, user shall as yet carry out the activities agreed on,unless this has meanwhile become pointless for the other party. This last aspect should be expressed by the other party in writing.
  3. If the service agreed on or yet to be performed is no longer possible or appropriate, user shall only be liable within the limits of article 14.
  4. In case of delivery of articles purchased the other party should (have) inspect(ed) these as soon as possible. In doing so the other party should check if the articles delivered meet the agreement, namely: if the right goods have been delivered, if the goods delivered correspond, as far as quantity is concerned, with the quantity agreed on, if the goods delivered meet the quality requirements agreed on, or, if these are absent, the requirements that may be set to normal use and/or commercial purposes.
  5. If any visible faults or defects are found, the other party should report these to user in writing within 8 days after delivery.
  6. The other party should report invisible defects to user in writing within 3 days after discovery, yet within 3 months after delivery at the latest.
  7. Even if the other party lodges a complaint in time, his obligation to pay and to purchase orders placed continues.
  8. Goods can only be returned to user after his prior written permission.