In-air microfluidics, better and faster encapsulation:

Microparticles are an important component in food, pharmaceutics and cosmetics. Up to now, mass production is at the expense of the precision of the particles and thus of the quality. Within this project a new “in-air microfluidics” is applied for  creating monodisperse microdroplets. In-air microfluidics technology integrates inkjet en microfluidics, by combining different liquid jets in air. This enables faster and cheaper production of high quality microparticles on an industrial scale. Aquamarijn will develop new miniaturized spray nozzles for simultaneous atomization of multiple jets with directional control.
Within the consortium Aquamarijn collaborates with IamFluidics B.V. (Enschede), Bether Encapsulates B.V. (Groningen) and the University of Twente (Enschede).

This project is supported by the European Union / European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO)